3 comments on “The Dilemma of Innovation

  1. Excellent article, Nishant. You, and the writer you cite, have hit on a key dilemma facing schools. We are all facing an uncertain future, and it remains to be seen who will have the courage and the insight to anticipate which innovations will strengthen and not diminish our schools. The pressure to innovate increases the importance, in my mind, of a school knowing what it is and what it offers at its core, beyond instruction in the basics, lest our quest to keep up leads us astray. Some futurists have argued that brick and mortar schools will cease to exist, superseded by online options and one-to-one devices. I don’t buy it. I think that what schools do will change dramatically, but I believe that we will continue to value the opportunity for a community of learners and families to come together in physical space to pursue their common intellectual advancement. The communities that form around schools are among the most transformative, influential, and powerful in our society. Our innovations should strengthen our communities and facilitate the transfer of knowledge such that there is more room for intellectual inquiry, debate, problem solving, and exploration – uniquely human endeavors that depend on vibrant community interaction.

    Thank you for the compelling article!

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for your feedback. I agree that we live in uncertain times for schools as the pace of change outpaces our processes and ability to thoughtfully act and react. However, schools will need to defer to the latter rather than just maintain an attitude of keeping up with the Joneses.

  2. I like your response Scott. I want ACDS to use technology for intellectual exploration especially for those needing extra work like my son Reid. We need an enrichment/TAG tract using technology.

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