4 comments on “Are You an Old Teacher or a Bold Teacher?

  1. Is willing to relinquish some sense of control and then empower and enable students to take ownership of parts of their learning. A key component of this skill set, in my opinion, is persistence. Students will resist. They have been trained so effectively to seek out the “right” answer or to figure out what that particular teacher is looking for. Resilience is key as well, because in this process their will be epic failures. But along with that will come epic victories as well.

  2. How about: has the ability to make ‘old teachers’ in his school voluntarily want to change to ‘bold teachers’ by following his examples.

  3. I also feel that a bold teacher is one that works with collegues collaboratively, with a positive, team building attitude, that lifts up the students he or she is teaching. With all the shift changes going on in education and how we are able to teach now the solitary, “closed door” teacher is a thing of the past. I see open classrooms, collaborative planning and teaching, and shared students part of the bold schools characteristics.

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